Where am I pedaling to?

Here is JapanHokkaido is an island at northern part of JapanAnd this is where capital of JAPOW is located as well as where I livePerhaps this is what most winter lovers know this place NISEKO forBut this time, what I am doing is not any of thatIt's more like this,,,,,Bike Packing, Cycle Touring whatever people call itI'm travelling around this island Hokkaido and fishing all the hidden spots with ...続きを読む >

Gear Gear Gear

Here I am!This is all I have on my bike.You might wondered this but on this list it isn't including weight of bagsso there is extra 4kg for 4 panniers.Basically 40kg+ is what I cycled with this time to Akaigawa Camp GroundRoute was about 600m vertical in 32km so average 2% of uphillbut reality was like 5-10% uphill for 10-15km. Maybe my math is not good enough but I'm sure you know what I mean.And...続きを読む >


基本的には英語コンテンツですが、映像だけでも楽しんでもらえると思うので是非ご覧くださいませ。《現在 87 カ国訪問済み》 今まで訪れた国の記事はカテゴリーからご覧下さい。ブログランキングに参加しているので、是非ともバナーのクリックお願いします!皆さんのワンクリックと温かいコメントが、いつ終わるか分からないこの旅とブログの原動力です。   ↓      ↓ 筆者の自己紹介はこちらのページよりどうぞ htt...続きを読む >

Bike Packing Ep.1 バイク選び

Hey I'm Yusuke. A Full time ski instructor working in Niseko Hokkaido and Wanaka New Zealand.It's 17th of April today, This is my first time to be in Niseko at this late spring. As we all are facing this issue, I'm facing the same issue. Covid-19I've never had summer last 5 years as I was always chasing winters between northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere.And that will likely to be impossib...続きを読む >